How Can I Help?

God Bless you for helping your unhoused neighbors. Here are three different ways you can change their lives for the better.

Cash Aid

Cash is critical to helping the neighbors live independent lives.
Send the neighbors a cash donation of your choosing.

Urgent Needs

9 person tent

Insulated Tent

These 9 person dome tents are the most practical for living in. They are small enough to be portable but large enough and strong enough tor 2 people to live in.

Mobile Phone and Plan

Through an arrangement with T-Mobile $176 will provide a Springdale Park Neighbor with a mobile phone, drop case, screen protector, 1 years insurance and a 1 year unlimited phone plan.

Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower

The Neighbors really appreciate being able to have access to bathing facilities. This is particularly important when they want to use public transport to get to doctors and job sites.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag and Mat

These 4 season sleeping bags and sleeping mats are perfect for staying comfortable and warm.

Hygiene Kits

These hygiene kits provide enough supplies to last a week. They are custom made to male and female requirements.

Ongoing Needs

3 Hot Meals

To save money The Springdale Park Neighbors cook and eat together collectively. $10 will provide enough food for 3 healthy hot meals

Clean Set of Clothing

Living rough makes it hard to keep clothing clean and intact. $25 will buy a full outfit of clothes including shoes for a Springdale Park Neighbor

Monthly Bus Pass

Ready access to public transport is critical for getting to appointments, visiting family, and getting to work. $40 will provide an unlimited use bus pass for a month.